The world of Omnia is 3,340 years old to date.

Omnia’s first 999 years of existence go undocumented, and one can only speculate how the world was back then. Elves were the first race to have their Awakening, followed by Humans, Halflings, Dwarves, and Gnomes almost 1,000 years later. Eventually, Half-Elves and Half-Orcs came into existence as the races intermingled. In time, the Dragonborn had their Awakening, though they immediately earned the distrust of other races for their resemblance to dragon beasts.

  • 2,350 FO. The six kingdoms of Omnia are established: Hul Thurim, Flusix, Lune, Azetora, Opica, and Wemedell.
  • 2,400 FO. The Tieflings are made as a result of an unknown cult’s arcane magic in Opica. The world is disturbed at their unnatural Awakening and the entire race is ostracized.
  • 2,500 FO. Melech, a Tiefling Warlock, leads a rebellion against the royalty of Opica in what is known as Melech’s War. Melech led an army of Tieflings and Tiefling sympathizers against the Opican government to create their own homeland on the continent, and eventually summoned an Abyssal horror from the Lower Planes of existence to aide his cause. This brought the rest of the kingdoms up at arms, and Melech’s War became the first “world war” Omnia ever had.
  • 2,520 FO. Melech’s War finally ends with the banishment of the Abyssal horror, and Melech along with it, back to the Lower Planes. As punishment, the Tieflings are exiled from Opica and doomed to travel the world as a nomadic people. This year is also known as Melech’s Exodus.
  • 3,000 FO. Human King Fodel of Flusix begin enslaving the poorer citizens of his kingdom to increase their output of gemstones and natural resources. Around the same time, the Dragonborn clans of Hul Thurim begin to enslave Dwarves, Gnomes and Humans to collect gold in order to appease dragons living in the area. The other kingdoms are unaware of the forced labor.
  • 3,090 FO. Lune and Azetora finally discover the slave labor in Flusix and declare war. In response, Flusix recruits the military might of Hul Thurim and The Chain Wars begin. This marks the second Omnian world war. Wemedell and Opica do not get involved and deny military support to either side of the war.
  • 3,140 FO. The Chain Wars finally end in favor of freedom. King Fodel is executed and replaced, and the Dragonborn clans pay Lune and Azetora for their war crimes. As a result of the world war, most of Omnian society has been disbanded or destroyed, leaving all six kingdoms with only a fraction of their original power and glory. Monsters become more prevalent in the wilderness and outside settlements.

The Six Crowns of Omnia campaign takes place 200 years after the end of The Chain Wars, in the kingdom of Lune.