The Six Crowns of Omnia

The Gang Escapes the Hushwood

Session #7

  • After the fight with the Gnolls, the party discovers that J, Flappy, and Jeff are all missing. While they search for their friends, another band of adventures meet for the first time. The Dragonborn paladin Bob meets Gnome Chomsky in the Hushwood, and they both find Desmond picking hallucinogenic mushrooms off the forest floor. Soon the two groups collide, and they all admit they’re lost in the woods and decide to travel out together.
  • Gnome Chomsky invites everyone over to her home within the forest, where the group cleans up and gets refreshed. They march, but don’t realize they’re surrounded by strange fungal creatures. Randy identifies them as Myconids, but isn’t aware of their abilities until they already act: they all fire a spray of spores at the party. Bob, Swag, and Gnome Chomsky resist the spores, but everyone else falls victim to their effects, which is actually a positive thing. The Myconids communicate that they are peaceful, and only wish to learn about the party’s motives. The Myconids also warn about an Orc encampment, but soon Bob and Swag begin killing the Myconids off, thinking they are harming their friends. Eventually Prince Urth joins the fight, and manages to kill many off at the same time, cutting off the telepathic communication between the group and the Myconids. The party flees, leaving the Myconids where they lay.
  • As they run, the party becomes lost, and soon they find themselves in a bog, where severed hands dangle from the treetops. They remember the legend of Auntie Fingers and become afraid. However, after some interaction with the terrain and the hands themselves, the party learns they are surrounded by illusions. They discover a hideout with a magically sealed door, but Galadryonce manages to disarm the glyph, and the party finds treasures as well as some sneaky magic items. When the gnomish tricksters come home, they pull their shortswords and prepare to kill them, but Gnome Chomsky uses her diplomacy to talk their way out of it. Before they go, Randy manages to steal the Slippers of Spider Climbing.
  • Finally, the party leaves the Hushwood behind them and enter Newbrook, which is celebrating Lord Mayor Hobsquat’s birthday. Everyone is drunk, and the party starts to join in on the fun, while they search for the mayor.



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