The Six Crowns of Omnia

The Gang Fights Kobolds!

Session #2

  • Randy immediately went to The Pike and the Pint, the local tavern in Bycliff, looking for Jandar. He found a large group of Humans and Dwarves feasting, each one wearing a custom-made piece of studded leather armor. After speaking with the group, Randy learned they were all part of a club headed by Jandar himself. After a drink, Jandar asked if Randy wished to join. After agreeing to joining their club, Randy was punched in the face and a bar fight broke out.
  • Thankfully, the gang, called the Haymakers, let up on the fighting after the rest of the party stepped into the tavern. Deemed worthy of the group, Jandar told the adventurers that they could join them for a gambling event that would take place that evening. As a final note, Jandar said that they would earn some gold for each event they take place in, but he would take a cut of the profit. After some more discussion, the group learned that a young man came into Bycliff recently and got into a similar bar fight with the Haymakers before deciding to explore Shimmermaw Crag. Believing this to be a lead, the group set off to speak with Mayor Ulfgar about exploring the mines.
  • Stepping into the Bycliff Miner’s Exchange office, the group met Ulfgar who hired the adventurers to clear the mine. A deal was struck in which the group would get a percentage of gold for the mine’s export, so long as they successfully clear the mine. Before setting off to the mine, the mayor told everyone not to get involved with Jandar in his gang, as they’ve become as troublesome as the kobolds in the mine.
  • The group got to Shimmermaw Crag by sundown, and upon entering the mine they saw plenty of kobold markings along the wall. The name Izrog repeated itself amongst the etchings. Splitting into two squads, the team encountered several traps that were built along the mines, including pitfalls, rigged treasure chests and trigger plates. Eventually they ran into the kobolds themselves and needed rest before they could move on.
  • After healing some wounds, the group pressed on, and found a large opening in the mine. Two kobolds sat in a mine cart, along with a bound and gagged young man. Believing this to be Prince Urth, J and Jeff leaped into another mine cart and proceeded to chase the runaway kobolds along the tracks. Meanwhile, the rest of the group squared off with more kobolds, one of which was cloaked and armed with a Wand of Magic Missile. After they were dispatched, the group saw a large purple stone that was being dug out of the ground by the kobolds. Nobody was able to remove it from the ground.
  • Eventually J and Jeff rescued the unconscious prince from the mine cart, and met up with the rest of the group. The sending stone that Flappy retrieved from the orc began to speak, a deep voice commanding the orc to visit the kobolds to see if they’re retrieved “the stone.” Flappy responded and gave away their position to whomever had the other sending stone, and they quickly fled the mines just as a thick blue mist began to form into some sort of humanoid figure.



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