The Six Crowns of Omnia

The Gang Steals a Drunk Minor!

Session #5

  • Continuing their exploration of Cael‘s crypt, the party encounters two tomb raiders who are squabbling over their share of spoils. The group immediately becomes hostile, with Jeff flinging a corpse at them before initiating a fight. After a round, the whole room is swarmed with giant rats, one of which seriously injures Shylock, who is quickly healed and saved from death by the cleric J. Eventually, the tomb raiders surrender, explaining they’re over their heads. Randy convinces the two of them to get engaged, and they leave together.
  • The party comes across a swirling mass of angry souls left behind from the raid which destroyed Graycott. The ghosts explained they are fueled by vengeance and they ask the party to help them in their personal matters against Orcs. The souls then inhabit a nearby sword, which J picks up and claims. After a fight with a Carrion Crawler and some Skeletons, the group has finished clearing the crypt and is paid a large sum of gold. Cael also returns Daisy, their horse, and the party returns back to Bycliff to check on Prince Urth.
  • They find the town of Bycliff in shambles, and Galadryonce finds a flyer on the wall which reads, " JANDAR SWILL FOR MAYOR." Checking in at the infirmary, they learn that Jandar has paid Urth‘s hospital bills and has been removed from the building. What’s more, they find Lord Mayor Ulfgar in critical condition, seemingly suffering from some kind of poison. Knowing where they may find the prince, the party goes to The Pike and the Pint.
  • The tavern is completely crawling with Haymakers; it seems the gang has grown in size. A few of the party members manages to get close enough to Jandar to see that the prince is passed out next to him. Shylock, Galadryonce, and Jeff get to talking with him, and learn that he means to use Urth for ransom, and that the Haymakers are planning to spread their influence to nearby towns, one of which being Newbrook.
  • Jeff challenges Jandar to a drinking contest in order to keep him preoccupied while Galadryonce sneaks the prince out of the bar, to be replaced with Randy who is in disguise. Several pints later, they find their plan has succeeded, and they leave the bar and regroup. Deciding that Bycliff may be lost, the party flees to Newbrook where they hope Jandar won’t go looking for them. Appearing before them is a portion of the Hushwood, a large forest rumored to be the home of a strange figure known as Auntie Fingers.



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