The Six Crowns of Omnia

The Gang Wrestles in the Trash

Session #8

  • Lord Mayor Hobsquat and the party finally meet. He has a confession for the group: not too long ago, a strike team comprised of goblins, orcs, and ogres tried to break into Atala’s Keep, a secured building where a large quantity of magical objects are locked away. To keep the treasures safe, Hobsquat ordered his militia captain, Commander Lavern, to capture a beast intelligent enough to barter with. A Manticore now guards the keep, and it demands elvish flesh to keep up its end of the bargain.
  • The group decides to split up to gather information in the town. An apothecary is working on an illusion to trick the Manticore into thinking its eating elves, but she cannot be found in her study. Desmond and Randy run into a woman who offers them a drug called gutpunch. They then enter an equipment store, where they find a shopkeep who seems to be hooked on gutpunch. In return for their stash, the shopkeep is willing to drop the price of some Wyvern venom if Desmond could win a fight for him. It seems as though the Haymakers have spread their influence over the town.
  • Meanwhile, Bob and Swag go to the bar and meet Commander Lavern, who clues the group in on the Manticore’s vanity: in a clear fight, the beast will win.
  • The party meets at a carnival tent where they meet Nowhere, the Tiefling ringmaster. He tries to sell them items but fails, then tries to quickly close shop. The team convinces Nowhere to confess: he has lost two Basilisk eggs, and is afraid they may hatch and start to petrify people in town. He asks the group to find the eggs and bring them back for a reward. After following a trail of petrified stray cats, the group discovers a large trash heap. Both Bob and Swag are nearly turned to stone, and many of the trash bags are lit on fire as a result of the party’s magic. Unable to successfully bag and contain the Basilisk, the party eventually kills it, leaving one Basilisk left to find.



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