Melech Thyrakir

Infamous Tiefling warlock


Tiefling male warlock, exiled to the Lower Plane. Presumably dead.


Melech is believed to have been born in the year 2,460 FO. He experienced prejudice, like many other Tieflings, and was never truly accepted into Omnian society. Melech dreamed of a country the Tieflings could call their own, far away from the distrust and abuse of other races. He began to turn to dark magic in order to grow more powerful and made a pact with an Abyssal horror from the Lower Plane for his efforts.

In time Melech had created a cult-like following and started demanding the Opican government for a secession. He was denied his secession and an order for Melech’s arrest was made. In response, Melech unleashed hellish fury on the Opican guards and began Melech’s War.

Melech was exiled to the Lower Plane in the year 2,520 FO, and his kin were banished from Opica. This act was otherwise known as Melech’s Exodus. To this day, the Tieflings struggle with their place in the world; some hail Melech for his efforts while others curse him for giving Tieflings a bad reputation.

Melech Thyrakir

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