The Six Crowns of Omnia

The Gang Wrestles in the Trash
Session #8
  • Lord Mayor Hobsquat and the party finally meet. He has a confession for the group: not too long ago, a strike team comprised of goblins, orcs, and ogres tried to break into Atala’s Keep, a secured building where a large quantity of magical objects are locked away. To keep the treasures safe, Hobsquat ordered his militia captain, Commander Lavern, to capture a beast intelligent enough to barter with. A Manticore now guards the keep, and it demands elvish flesh to keep up its end of the bargain.
  • The group decides to split up to gather information in the town. An apothecary is working on an illusion to trick the Manticore into thinking its eating elves, but she cannot be found in her study. Desmond and Randy run into a woman who offers them a drug called gutpunch. They then enter an equipment store, where they find a shopkeep who seems to be hooked on gutpunch. In return for their stash, the shopkeep is willing to drop the price of some Wyvern venom if Desmond could win a fight for him. It seems as though the Haymakers have spread their influence over the town.
  • Meanwhile, Bob and Swag go to the bar and meet Commander Lavern, who clues the group in on the Manticore’s vanity: in a clear fight, the beast will win.
  • The party meets at a carnival tent where they meet Nowhere, the Tiefling ringmaster. He tries to sell them items but fails, then tries to quickly close shop. The team convinces Nowhere to confess: he has lost two Basilisk eggs, and is afraid they may hatch and start to petrify people in town. He asks the group to find the eggs and bring them back for a reward. After following a trail of petrified stray cats, the group discovers a large trash heap. Both Bob and Swag are nearly turned to stone, and many of the trash bags are lit on fire as a result of the party’s magic. Unable to successfully bag and contain the Basilisk, the party eventually kills it, leaving one Basilisk left to find.
The Gang Escapes the Hushwood
Session #7
  • After the fight with the Gnolls, the party discovers that J, Flappy, and Jeff are all missing. While they search for their friends, another band of adventures meet for the first time. The Dragonborn paladin Bob meets Gnome Chomsky in the Hushwood, and they both find Desmond picking hallucinogenic mushrooms off the forest floor. Soon the two groups collide, and they all admit they’re lost in the woods and decide to travel out together.
  • Gnome Chomsky invites everyone over to her home within the forest, where the group cleans up and gets refreshed. They march, but don’t realize they’re surrounded by strange fungal creatures. Randy identifies them as Myconids, but isn’t aware of their abilities until they already act: they all fire a spray of spores at the party. Bob, Swag, and Gnome Chomsky resist the spores, but everyone else falls victim to their effects, which is actually a positive thing. The Myconids communicate that they are peaceful, and only wish to learn about the party’s motives. The Myconids also warn about an Orc encampment, but soon Bob and Swag begin killing the Myconids off, thinking they are harming their friends. Eventually Prince Urth joins the fight, and manages to kill many off at the same time, cutting off the telepathic communication between the group and the Myconids. The party flees, leaving the Myconids where they lay.
  • As they run, the party becomes lost, and soon they find themselves in a bog, where severed hands dangle from the treetops. They remember the legend of Auntie Fingers and become afraid. However, after some interaction with the terrain and the hands themselves, the party learns they are surrounded by illusions. They discover a hideout with a magically sealed door, but Galadryonce manages to disarm the glyph, and the party finds treasures as well as some sneaky magic items. When the gnomish tricksters come home, they pull their shortswords and prepare to kill them, but Gnome Chomsky uses her diplomacy to talk their way out of it. Before they go, Randy manages to steal the Slippers of Spider Climbing.
  • Finally, the party leaves the Hushwood behind them and enter Newbrook, which is celebrating Lord Mayor Hobsquat’s birthday. Everyone is drunk, and the party starts to join in on the fun, while they search for the mayor.
The Gang Meets Man-Spider
Session #6
  • The party enters the Hushwood, and discovers that their voices always sound like they’re spoken from far away, even though the group stays close. Shylock believes this to be the work of enchantment magic, although he can’t tell where it may come from, or whether or not the forest itself produces the effect.
  • Unbeknownst to the group, they are followed by a half-elf named Swag, who identifies the prince for who he is. Swag follows the party into the Hushwood, hiding in trees with the forest’s magic hiding the sounds of his pursuit. As he follows, the half-elf climbs a tree and finds several giant spiders, about to spring a trap.
  • Prince Urth disobeys the party’s commands to stay close, and gets caught in an Ettercap’s spider snare, and gets pulled up into the trees. The giant spiders then descent and attack the party. With the help of Swag, the party kills the spiders and the Ettercap, and barely save the prince from death after a deadly bite.
  • In the battle, Flappy and Jeff are separated from the group and disappear. As they search for their lost friends, they come across a pack of Gnolls chasing a giant Owlbear. They kill the Gnolls and discover they bear certain markings that they found days earlier on an ogre, belonging to the mysterious “Izrog.”
The Gang Steals a Drunk Minor!
Session #5
  • Continuing their exploration of Cael‘s crypt, the party encounters two tomb raiders who are squabbling over their share of spoils. The group immediately becomes hostile, with Jeff flinging a corpse at them before initiating a fight. After a round, the whole room is swarmed with giant rats, one of which seriously injures Shylock, who is quickly healed and saved from death by the cleric J. Eventually, the tomb raiders surrender, explaining they’re over their heads. Randy convinces the two of them to get engaged, and they leave together.
  • The party comes across a swirling mass of angry souls left behind from the raid which destroyed Graycott. The ghosts explained they are fueled by vengeance and they ask the party to help them in their personal matters against Orcs. The souls then inhabit a nearby sword, which J picks up and claims. After a fight with a Carrion Crawler and some Skeletons, the group has finished clearing the crypt and is paid a large sum of gold. Cael also returns Daisy, their horse, and the party returns back to Bycliff to check on Prince Urth.
  • They find the town of Bycliff in shambles, and Galadryonce finds a flyer on the wall which reads, " JANDAR SWILL FOR MAYOR." Checking in at the infirmary, they learn that Jandar has paid Urth‘s hospital bills and has been removed from the building. What’s more, they find Lord Mayor Ulfgar in critical condition, seemingly suffering from some kind of poison. Knowing where they may find the prince, the party goes to The Pike and the Pint.
  • The tavern is completely crawling with Haymakers; it seems the gang has grown in size. A few of the party members manages to get close enough to Jandar to see that the prince is passed out next to him. Shylock, Galadryonce, and Jeff get to talking with him, and learn that he means to use Urth for ransom, and that the Haymakers are planning to spread their influence to nearby towns, one of which being Newbrook.
  • Jeff challenges Jandar to a drinking contest in order to keep him preoccupied while Galadryonce sneaks the prince out of the bar, to be replaced with Randy who is in disguise. Several pints later, they find their plan has succeeded, and they leave the bar and regroup. Deciding that Bycliff may be lost, the party flees to Newbrook where they hope Jandar won’t go looking for them. Appearing before them is a portion of the Hushwood, a large forest rumored to be the home of a strange figure known as Auntie Fingers.
The Gang Works for a Necromancer!
Session #4
  • Shylock, Jeff, and Flappy are left alone with the unconscious Prince Urth, whom they now see as a 14-year-old boy instead of the 20-year-old they rescued from Shimmermaw Crag. The Dragonborn becomes suspicious and attempts to tie the prince to the bed, but he wakes up screaming. Urth begins to levitate 20 ft from the ground and escapes the inn, to be pursued by the group. They chase after him, eventually coaxing him down for a sip of booze. Urth, upon touching back down to the floor, complains of a pain in his side he suffered from some kobolds, and Flappy identifies that his ribs may be fractured.
  • The group meets up again at the Bycliff Infirmary, where they learn the prince will have to stay and recover for three days and with a payment of 50 GP. The group agrees to pay after Urth is recovered, and the prince allows himself to be kept there. Archmage Atala calls in through the Sending Stone and explains that the prince is a sorcerer, a person with wild magic born inside them, and is highly volatile as long as he is undisciplined. The archmage also explains that King Borivik has returned with a representative of Hul Thurim, Osdroth Hillbrow. The dwarves want to keep the prince as a ward for reparations until the debt is paid, but is willing to wait until he is recovered and back at the capitol. The archmage asks the group to visit the town of Newbrook and meet with the gnomish mayor, Hobsquat, to recover a special pendant which he wishes Urth to return home with.
  • Deciding they have time to spare, the group meets with Cael Lancaster to take him up on his escort mission to the ruined village of Graycott. They learn Cael has commissioned a crypt to be built to house the dead of the village, and after some stipulation, the group assumes that Cael is a necromancer and that Stockwell may be an undead servant. However, they also believe that the noble has no ill will and agrees to protect him on the trip, having learned his sister is Lady Harva, the mayor of Eastmoor.
  • On the last night of the trip, the group encounters a large Orc camp, where several goblins, an ogre, and three halflings are chained up as prisoners. Although, Galadryonce manages to hide and sneak closer to an orc, the rest of the group is detected and a great battle takes place, in which Cael and Stockwell stay out of. Eventually, though, as it gets more dangerous, Randy convinces Stockwell to enter the fray and the hooded servant agrees, revealing himself to be a reanimated corpse. With his help, the group manages to save two of the three halflings and gather some loot, although “J” was KOed and needed extra time to recover.
  • The next morning they arrive at Graycott and see how terrible the carnage was. Cael finds his unfinished crypt and, after throwing a hissy fit, offers to pay the group triple his original offer if they clear out any “undesirables” from the tomb. The party agrees as long as Stockwell helps out, which he does. After some exploring, some of the group becomes physically sickened by the stench of the place.
  • The group encounters a Rust Monster, which begins to corrode some of their weaponry until “J” uses his magic to mend them back to their original stature. Galadryonce enters a chamber and encounters several Ghouls feasting on old corpses, and gets stung by a Carrion Crawler before fleeing to warn the others. Meanwhile, Randy finds a fresh corpse, seemingly killed by orcs by the make of the arrows that were shot through it. After a tight battle in a narrow corridor, the group managed to kill off the enemies, but Jeff was paralyzed by the Carrion Crawler and partially chewed, barely making it out of the fight alive.
The Gang Gets Robbed!
Session #3
  • The party flees Shimmermaw Crag with an unconscious Prince Urth and Shylock, and retreat back to their rooms at the Sleepy Scoundrel back at Bycliff. Reaching the inn, they discover that their stolen horses are no longer at the stable where they’ve been kept, and none of the employees at the inn realized they’ve been removed. Upon further inspection, the group sees that the gate was jimmied open and the horses were led away. “Jeff” and Flappy stay back at the inn with the KOed prince and wizard, while the rest of the group went to visit Mayor Ulfgar about their experience in the mine.
  • Ulfgar is pleased that the mines were cleared of the kobolds, but still worried about the traps that were left behind. The dwarf then introduces Galadryonce, a wood elf with a proficiency in thieves tools which would allow her to lend a hand in disarming the traps. Ulfgar then asks if the party knew the whereabouts of Jandar‘s secret meetings with the Haymakers, since he wants to make an arrest to convince the ex-miners turned gang members to get back to work. The party decides to bluff and say they aren’t aware.
  • The next morning, the party decides to search for their missing horses. After some exploring around town, “J” spots a middle-aged noble riding their favorite horse, Daisy, along with a large cloaked man. Galadryonce manages to sneak up close to see where the duo are going, and follows the noble into the bistro. Meanwhile, “J”, Randy, and Maraxus try to speak with the cloaked man. The cloaked man is largely unresponsive, and frustrates the group well enough so that they get in a street brawl. While the fight ensues, the wood elf speaks to the noble and learns that he traveled all the way from Eastmoor and purchased the new horse from a halfling woman who lives in a shady part of town. Galadryonce then sees the brawl through a window and alerts the noble.
  • Outraged, the noble leaves the bistro and demands the meaning of the brawl. He introduces his manservant, Stockwell, and himself: Cael Lancaster. After some discussion, the party learns that Cael is seeking more bodyguards to protect him on a trip to the village of Graycott in a few days time. A bargain is made where the party would receive Daisy, whom Cael now calls Posy, in return for a successful escort to Graycott. He then points the party in the direction where he met the halfling who sold him the horse and commands them to leave him to his breakfast.
  • The party travels down Stickiboot Alley in search of the halfling and runs into some drunkards who wanted to mug them. They manage to kill the brigands in broad daylight, although several people saw them stuff the bodies into garbage cans they found in an alley. After resting in a dark corner of the street, the party continued on their way, but not before learning that deputies were in the area. They learned about a halfling woman named Trym Tealeaf who lives in the area and proceeded in that direction. They eventually get to the house and see the other two horses they stole from Luneheart in a pen.
  • Galadryonce and Randy break into Trym’s house while “J” and Maraxus stand guard. The lookouts spot a small cloaked figure watching them for a moment before disappearing, and the halfling and elf discover a key which gets them into the pen. Unfortunately, the cloaked figure was Trym Tealeaf, who brought the authorities to get the party arrested. As the circumstances were discussed, Trym disappeared and the deputies asked the party to visit Ulfgar so that the situation could be better handled.
  • Returning back to his office, the party discussed terms to keep the horses safe, and then they finally went off to Shimmermaw Crag to disable the remaining traps. Galadryonce succeeded in doing so, but the group discovered the mine still had kobolds to deal with, and then discovered orcs and even an ogre in the area. The ogre had a strange blue mark on his face, and after the party had slain all the monsters, they investigated the markings further to identify it as some sort of crude magical symbol which had no real magic. The large glowing gem them discovered on their first trip to the mine was also missing.
The Gang Fights Kobolds!
Session #2
  • Randy immediately went to The Pike and the Pint, the local tavern in Bycliff, looking for Jandar. He found a large group of Humans and Dwarves feasting, each one wearing a custom-made piece of studded leather armor. After speaking with the group, Randy learned they were all part of a club headed by Jandar himself. After a drink, Jandar asked if Randy wished to join. After agreeing to joining their club, Randy was punched in the face and a bar fight broke out.
  • Thankfully, the gang, called the Haymakers, let up on the fighting after the rest of the party stepped into the tavern. Deemed worthy of the group, Jandar told the adventurers that they could join them for a gambling event that would take place that evening. As a final note, Jandar said that they would earn some gold for each event they take place in, but he would take a cut of the profit. After some more discussion, the group learned that a young man came into Bycliff recently and got into a similar bar fight with the Haymakers before deciding to explore Shimmermaw Crag. Believing this to be a lead, the group set off to speak with Mayor Ulfgar about exploring the mines.
  • Stepping into the Bycliff Miner’s Exchange office, the group met Ulfgar who hired the adventurers to clear the mine. A deal was struck in which the group would get a percentage of gold for the mine’s export, so long as they successfully clear the mine. Before setting off to the mine, the mayor told everyone not to get involved with Jandar in his gang, as they’ve become as troublesome as the kobolds in the mine.
  • The group got to Shimmermaw Crag by sundown, and upon entering the mine they saw plenty of kobold markings along the wall. The name Izrog repeated itself amongst the etchings. Splitting into two squads, the team encountered several traps that were built along the mines, including pitfalls, rigged treasure chests and trigger plates. Eventually they ran into the kobolds themselves and needed rest before they could move on.
  • After healing some wounds, the group pressed on, and found a large opening in the mine. Two kobolds sat in a mine cart, along with a bound and gagged young man. Believing this to be Prince Urth, J and Jeff leaped into another mine cart and proceeded to chase the runaway kobolds along the tracks. Meanwhile, the rest of the group squared off with more kobolds, one of which was cloaked and armed with a Wand of Magic Missile. After they were dispatched, the group saw a large purple stone that was being dug out of the ground by the kobolds. Nobody was able to remove it from the ground.
  • Eventually J and Jeff rescued the unconscious prince from the mine cart, and met up with the rest of the group. The sending stone that Flappy retrieved from the orc began to speak, a deep voice commanding the orc to visit the kobolds to see if they’re retrieved “the stone.” Flappy responded and gave away their position to whomever had the other sending stone, and they quickly fled the mines just as a thick blue mist began to form into some sort of humanoid figure.
The Gang Looks for Urth!
Session #1
  • A Human cleric named “J”, a Dragonborn barbarian named “Jeff,” a Wood Elf druid named Flappy, a Tiefling warlock named Maraxus, a Halfling bard named Randy and a High Elf wizard named Shylock all meet at the capital city of Luneheart. Each member of the party received a special invitation to meet with Archmage Atala, the royal wizard vizier for the kingdom of Lune.
  • Each character was permitted to ask a magic favor from the wizard vizier. The cleric asked for knowledge on taming earth elementals, the barbarian wanted his greatsword to be enchanted, the druid wanted to ask King Borovik for assistance back at her forest in Flusix, the warlock simply wanted more powers, the bard wanted information as to where his missing brother is, and the wizard wanted to know the location of his lost family fortune. Atala began discussing the terms of these favors when a guard interrupted the meeting to give some bad news: Prince Urth has gone missing.
  • Using divination, the vizier was able to locate the general area where the prince is hiding: a nearby mining town called Bycliff. Atala charged the six before him with a secret mission to bring the prince back to the capital city before the end of three day’s time. The party accepted in exchange for some gold as well as their favors being granted. The cleric J received a sending stone, which would become magically active after 8 hours, granting him a direct line of communication between he and Atala.
  • Before heading out, the party decided to visit the stores around the capital city. When entering a equipment store, the party learned that a man named “Jandar”, a local in Bycliff, had bought all the studded leather the business had. The party also managed to trick a stableboy into giving them three horses on the grounds that they’d return them back to Luneheart, thanks to Randy’s musical performance and a few lies. Flappy, along with one of the horses, made friends with a mastiff in town.
  • After getting halfway to Bycliff, the sun began to set and the party found monsters on the road. A pair of gnoll stood atop a slain wizard, investigating the spellbook they took from him. A pair of goblins watched an orc command the gnolls to be careful with the book, since it was meant for “Izrog.” The group decided to split: J and Maraxus would create a distraction while the others would flank them. After a skirmish, the group managed to kill all but the orc, who was magically put to sleep and tied up with some rope. After some interrogation, the group learned that “Izrog” was some sort of “special ogre” who is collecting magic objects.
  • The group made camp and finally arrived at Bycliff by noon, where they learned from the gatekeeper that the mining town presently has a kobold infestation at one of their most valuable cave systems.

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