Hul Thurim

The Kingdom of Hul Thurim


  • Home to Humans, Dwarves, Dragonborn, Gnomes, and Half-Orcs.
  • Hul Thurim is mostly mountainous terrain and desert, making Hul Thurim the least hospitable country or kingdom in Omnia. Hul Thurimians are generally gruff and cynical, but are extraordinary workers and have a great deal of pride for themselves and where they come from.
  • Hul Thurim is the richest kingdom in Omnia, as it produces the greatest output of precious stones and minerals. This is partly due to the landscape, and partly due to the Dwarven laborers that make up most of the country.
  • The kingdom is currently ruled by a Dwarvish King named Harbek and is without a wife or heir.

Towns, Cities and Villages

The City of Thardum

  • Population: 20,100
  • Thardum is a city etched into the cliffs of the Spine of Omnia, the largest mountainside in the world. This is the capital city, home to the king, and the location of the Bank of Thardum, with clients from every corner of Omnia.

The Town of Stonefire

  • Population: 4,500
  • Stonefire is mainly populated by Dragonborn and Dwarves, and has a reputation for having one of the more impressive forgeries in Omnia. Home to craftsmen, miners, and artisans, Stonefire sells some of the best armor, weapons, and jewelry one can find. The town is governed by the Delmirev clan, a family of Dragonborn with ties to Gold Dragon ancestry.

The Town of Dorcastle

  • Population: 3,000
  • The town of Dorcastle has the highest concentration of Half-Orcs living in the same area out of any other town in Omnia. Being built so close to mountainous territory, Dorcastle is often attacked by looting orcs or other monsters. To compensate, Dorcastle has a large militia to deal with any threats, and operates under martial law more often than not.

Hul Thurim

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