The Six Crowns of Omnia

The Gang Looks for Urth!

Session #1

  • A Human cleric named “J”, a Dragonborn barbarian named “Jeff,” a Wood Elf druid named Flappy, a Tiefling warlock named Maraxus, a Halfling bard named Randy and a High Elf wizard named Shylock all meet at the capital city of Luneheart. Each member of the party received a special invitation to meet with Archmage Atala, the royal wizard vizier for the kingdom of Lune.
  • Each character was permitted to ask a magic favor from the wizard vizier. The cleric asked for knowledge on taming earth elementals, the barbarian wanted his greatsword to be enchanted, the druid wanted to ask King Borovik for assistance back at her forest in Flusix, the warlock simply wanted more powers, the bard wanted information as to where his missing brother is, and the wizard wanted to know the location of his lost family fortune. Atala began discussing the terms of these favors when a guard interrupted the meeting to give some bad news: Prince Urth has gone missing.
  • Using divination, the vizier was able to locate the general area where the prince is hiding: a nearby mining town called Bycliff. Atala charged the six before him with a secret mission to bring the prince back to the capital city before the end of three day’s time. The party accepted in exchange for some gold as well as their favors being granted. The cleric J received a sending stone, which would become magically active after 8 hours, granting him a direct line of communication between he and Atala.
  • Before heading out, the party decided to visit the stores around the capital city. When entering a equipment store, the party learned that a man named “Jandar”, a local in Bycliff, had bought all the studded leather the business had. The party also managed to trick a stableboy into giving them three horses on the grounds that they’d return them back to Luneheart, thanks to Randy’s musical performance and a few lies. Flappy, along with one of the horses, made friends with a mastiff in town.
  • After getting halfway to Bycliff, the sun began to set and the party found monsters on the road. A pair of gnoll stood atop a slain wizard, investigating the spellbook they took from him. A pair of goblins watched an orc command the gnolls to be careful with the book, since it was meant for “Izrog.” The group decided to split: J and Maraxus would create a distraction while the others would flank them. After a skirmish, the group managed to kill all but the orc, who was magically put to sleep and tied up with some rope. After some interrogation, the group learned that “Izrog” was some sort of “special ogre” who is collecting magic objects.
  • The group made camp and finally arrived at Bycliff by noon, where they learned from the gatekeeper that the mining town presently has a kobold infestation at one of their most valuable cave systems.



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