The Six Crowns of Omnia

The Gang Works for a Necromancer!

Session #4

  • Shylock, Jeff, and Flappy are left alone with the unconscious Prince Urth, whom they now see as a 14-year-old boy instead of the 20-year-old they rescued from Shimmermaw Crag. The Dragonborn becomes suspicious and attempts to tie the prince to the bed, but he wakes up screaming. Urth begins to levitate 20 ft from the ground and escapes the inn, to be pursued by the group. They chase after him, eventually coaxing him down for a sip of booze. Urth, upon touching back down to the floor, complains of a pain in his side he suffered from some kobolds, and Flappy identifies that his ribs may be fractured.
  • The group meets up again at the Bycliff Infirmary, where they learn the prince will have to stay and recover for three days and with a payment of 50 GP. The group agrees to pay after Urth is recovered, and the prince allows himself to be kept there. Archmage Atala calls in through the Sending Stone and explains that the prince is a sorcerer, a person with wild magic born inside them, and is highly volatile as long as he is undisciplined. The archmage also explains that King Borivik has returned with a representative of Hul Thurim, Osdroth Hillbrow. The dwarves want to keep the prince as a ward for reparations until the debt is paid, but is willing to wait until he is recovered and back at the capitol. The archmage asks the group to visit the town of Newbrook and meet with the gnomish mayor, Hobsquat, to recover a special pendant which he wishes Urth to return home with.
  • Deciding they have time to spare, the group meets with Cael Lancaster to take him up on his escort mission to the ruined village of Graycott. They learn Cael has commissioned a crypt to be built to house the dead of the village, and after some stipulation, the group assumes that Cael is a necromancer and that Stockwell may be an undead servant. However, they also believe that the noble has no ill will and agrees to protect him on the trip, having learned his sister is Lady Harva, the mayor of Eastmoor.
  • On the last night of the trip, the group encounters a large Orc camp, where several goblins, an ogre, and three halflings are chained up as prisoners. Although, Galadryonce manages to hide and sneak closer to an orc, the rest of the group is detected and a great battle takes place, in which Cael and Stockwell stay out of. Eventually, though, as it gets more dangerous, Randy convinces Stockwell to enter the fray and the hooded servant agrees, revealing himself to be a reanimated corpse. With his help, the group manages to save two of the three halflings and gather some loot, although “J” was KOed and needed extra time to recover.
  • The next morning they arrive at Graycott and see how terrible the carnage was. Cael finds his unfinished crypt and, after throwing a hissy fit, offers to pay the group triple his original offer if they clear out any “undesirables” from the tomb. The party agrees as long as Stockwell helps out, which he does. After some exploring, some of the group becomes physically sickened by the stench of the place.
  • The group encounters a Rust Monster, which begins to corrode some of their weaponry until “J” uses his magic to mend them back to their original stature. Galadryonce enters a chamber and encounters several Ghouls feasting on old corpses, and gets stung by a Carrion Crawler before fleeing to warn the others. Meanwhile, Randy finds a fresh corpse, seemingly killed by orcs by the make of the arrows that were shot through it. After a tight battle in a narrow corridor, the group managed to kill off the enemies, but Jeff was paralyzed by the Carrion Crawler and partially chewed, barely making it out of the fight alive.



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