The Kingdom of Lune


  • Home to Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, Halflings, Half-Elves, Half-Orcs, and Tieflings.
  • Lune has similar geography to Flusix, but it typically experiences cooler temperatures and clearer skies on average. Lune also holds the most impressive colleges and therefore Lunians are generally well-read and educated.
  • Despite Lune’s excellent reputation for prestige and knowledge, the funding required to keep these institutions running severely tax the villages and towns of the kingdom. As a result, the chances of running into highwaymen along the roads between settlements are not unlikely.
  • Lune is ruled by a widowed Human King Borivik.

Towns, Cities, and Villages

The City of Luneheart.

  • Population: 21,000
  • The capital city of Lune. The king and prince reside in the castle which is built in the center of Luneheart, with the council hall established beside it. An elected city council meets here to discuss the wants and needs of the middle class, and the council meets with Archmage Atala on behalf of the king to discuss the application of these plans. Members of the public also meet with Archmage Atala at the council hall in special circumstances. Various schools of diplomacy and wizardry exist in Luneheart, and many aspiring students from across Omnia visit here to learn their craft.

The Town of Bycliff

  • Population: 4,000
  • Bycliff is financially dependent on their export of precious minerals. Miners and prospectors set off to the various underground cave systems that lie close to the town, the biggest being Shimmermaw Crag. The town is governed by Lord Mayor Ulfgar, a Dwarf who also runs the Bycliff Miner’s Exchange.

The Village of Wayfield

  • Population: 800
  • Wayfield has become the unofficial resting place for traveling scholars who are on their way to Luneheart. As a result, Wayfield’s economy is built around hospitality: rooming, feeding, and catering to travelers who are passing on by. Wayfield is regularly visited by nobility who live in Luneheart to solve disputes or collect taxes; otherwise the village is self-governed.

The Town of Newbrook

  • Population: 5,500
  • Newbrook is best known for its Museum of Magical Artifacts. Wizards, curious folk, and collectors all flock to Newbrook to view the interesting gadgets, talismans, and other paraphernalia that have been identified as magic or cursed items. The town is governed by Lord Mayor Hobsquat, a Gnome who once adventured across Omnia to collect the magic artifacts that now live in the museum.

The Village of Graycott

  • Population: Unknown
  • Graycott fell victim to an orc raid in 3339 FO, its inhabitants defenseless and its fortifications weak. Located far enough from other Lunian towns and villages, neighboring settlements could not reach Graycott in time to lend any help, and it is believed that all lives were lost to the raid. Since its invasion, the village has been abandoned and neglected, falling into further disrepair. Although there has been talk of rebuilding Graycott, King Borovik has not had the resources, nor the time, to restore the village to its former image.

The City of Eastmoor

  • Population: 13,000
  • Eastmoor is located between two major rivers in Lune, providing them with the geography needed for excellent agriculture. As a result, Eastmoor has flourished as an agricultural hotspot in Lune, providing the majority of crops needed to feed the kingdom. Eastmoor is also closest to the kingdom of Azetora and frequently trades goods with the neighboring country via trading vessels. Lady Mayor Harva oversees the governance of this city.


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